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Our Story

children playing in a healthy environment


How Did Greenly Planet Start?

As parents to two wonderful kids who always inspire us, it is only natural to always think of ways that we can do to make our children's future better.

A major concern for us always been how the planet’s well being is declining due to pollution and our over consumption as consumers. We are in a time where it will only continue to worsen if we do not do something drastic.

It breaks our heart to leave a planet for the next generations that are no longer repairable. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change: wildfires, severe weather conditions, food shortages, and many more.

Starting a business that focuses on saving the environment will not singularly resolve climate change. However, through Greenly Planet, it is my family’s hope that we can add to the collective efforts that small and big companies are already doing. If we can inspire others with tiny lifestyle changes in terms of being more conscious of what materials are in the products we use, then that is a win for all of us.

If we have caused the ailing of our environment, then we also believe that we can do something about its healing.

By simply being more conscious of what we purchase, collectively, we can positively impact our environment's health.

We hope that by providing you a platform that focuses on sustainable living, we give you and your family an opportunity to contribute to a more promising future for your children.

Our Commitment

Aside from being an online market of eco-friendly and sustainable products, we also commit to donate 50 percentage of our profits to top non-profit organizations that are working towards saving our planet.

Our Products

Our products are imported from suppliers who share the same passion when it comes to only utilizing sustainable materials. We curate items across the following categories:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Personal Accessories
  • Storage and Containers
  • Bags & Accessories
Our suppliers use compostable materials that are made of non-toxic ingredients and always plastic-free. Our bestselling products are bamboo accessories for home, kitchen and personal use.